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the next three years president obama cut the deficit by $200 billion just from last year to this year, so the deficit isn't growing. it is shrinking by a lot. seriously. the folks at investors business daily calculated the deficit is now falling faster than at any time since the end of the second world war and falling so fast is might not be able to fall any faster without sending us back into recession. when president obama started, the deficit equalled 10% of the whole economy and now it equals just 7%. so go ahead, boggle your uncle's mind with this
obama cut the deficit by $200 billion just from last year to this year, so the deficit isn't growing. it is shrinking by a lot. seriously. the folks at investors business daily calculated the deficit is now falling faster than at any time since the end of the second world war and falling so fast is might not be able to fall any faster without sending us back into recession. when president obama started, the deficit equalled 10% of the whole economy and now it equals just 7%. so go ahead, boggle your uncle's mind with this chart. the bars below zero represent years when the deficit grew. these bars above zero represent years when the deficit shrunk. we're here right now in the deficit shrunk portion of the chart. the point of the shrinking on the whole chart back to 1950. when somebody stops inevitably matering about the fiscal cliff and the sky rocketing deficit, they don't know what they're talking about and they probably don't know it is wrong but you can help with visual aids. we have posted both of those charts we just showed you on our blog and you can load them on your smartpho
to be put on the table and obama-care cost a lot of money. >> that's not true. it cuts the deficit in a 10-year period and even more so over 20 years. john boehner said in his own op-ed that he tried two different ways to get rid of obama-care, going to the supreme court and in the election. they tried 33 times to repeal obama-care in the congress and failed all 33 times. the bottom line is now we have obama-care. it is the law of the lands. we need to take the off the table and focus on the bush tax cuts which american voters decided they want to keep for people under $250,000 and they want to get rid of for people making more than $250,000. rick: obama-care lowers the deficit over time and many people have seen that analysis and agree with it. but republicans have been going far obama-care in airway shape and form since it was passed. is this an indication that the republicans will keep on going after it? >> regarding the deficit. cbo said if knock is done with the fiscal cliff we'll get $800 billion per year added to the deficit. and obama-care amounts for $100 billion of that. it's $10
: but this is not to cool? it is not glamorous. obama once money for liberal collegesven he wants to cut support seven enticing it this coup lourdes to have a job. i wholeheartedly agree there is a major push from washington to go to college. take out student loans. the ceo of the company of air products he came out of vocational school and has risen to the top and he did attend college later. he makes over $10 million per year. john: and the department of labor critics job openings 14 percent job growth. electricians 23%. plumbers and pipefitters. heating and air-conditioning. 34%. >> they are unfilled and many positions open over one year. >> most americans think it is said good idea to raise minimum wage. i say it kills jobs. credit and susteren talks about her jobs. >> my first jobwas thought to a delicatessen. >> kids have a lemonade stand. i would buy stuff and sell it for more. >> my first one is as a janitor with an engineering firm. john: incongruous raise minimum waggs $70 $0.25 per hour per pronouns they want to raise its $10 per hour. it is logical to think that gives every worker more to
party where we can say cuttg spending is the only answer. if you tax everybody that obama is talking about taxing, the most you could cut off the someg insanely small. that will not do anything. the message has to be to cut spending and until that resonates with americans, have to realize the economy will keep declining. melissa: ho huggies is a spendig problem, not a revenue problem? >> the left is always going to try to appeal to the low information voter. so we have to take information, make it really simple, on complicated and communicated in a narrative that can be marketed to the masses of people. if you take the tax increases of those making over $250,000 per year, it is a drop in the bucket. 56 billion sounds like a lot of money we're talking about reducing the deficit to something like 1.15 trillion bit of 1.2 trillion. we have to communicate that we have to keep sticking it to them to say that debt is on our children and future and some point the grim reaper will take itack so we have some point when people are hurting bad enough realizing obama has not come in and saved us
you think that republicans are going to cave on some of these things? >> you mean the bush tax cuts? >> that raises a question whether it's under the tax cuts or whether they insist that some of the revenue raiser and so, you know, obama agrees to give us some coverage and the revenue and something else, and bank of america is pretty harsh out on the ledge in terms of the bush tax cuts and i think the comments, bill crystal saying, what's the big deal, why don't we tax millionaires, if you have enough republicans coming out. gives the president to fight for this and i think that the republicans have to ask, do we really want to go down fighting and is this the mountain we want to die on fighting for 1% of the country? and so i'm not going to predict. i don't know what's going to happen because i found the behavior of people on the hill very unpredictable. >> it is. and something else on the table, the president's health care law coming from folks saying it's such a huge driver of the economy if fully implemented it has to be up for negotiation. house speaker john boehner wrote an op
, is unmatched. president obama made him his pay czar, where he cut the salaries of executives of companies that received government bailouts. but it was his role as special master of the 9/11 victims compensation fund that was his greatest challenge and likely his lasting legacy. >> 9/11 was a horrific experience, because you were dealing with traumatic death, where people said good-bye to loved ones that morning and never saw them again. incinerated. no body to bury. this is different, but it's very, very emotional, bp, very emotional. it's not death. it's more, "what does the future hold in terms of my ability to earn a living?" >> he has $20 billion of bp's money to dole out as he sees fit. >> just bring it on, baby. >> the idea behind the fund is similar to 9/11: persuade people to accept payment for their losses up front... >> uh-oh. >> instead of engaging in long and costly and uncertain lawsuits against bp. >> it's a free country. if you want to come into the fund with all the benefits of the fund, come on in. you're welcome. we'll give you a fair shake. we'll process your claim. we
no plans to cut team hours as a result of the obama care act. papa john's, like most businesses, is still researching what the affordable care act means to our operations. we will honor this law, as we do all laws, and continue to offer 100% of papa john's corporate employees and workers in company-owned stores health insurance as we have since the company was founded in 1984." the owner of 40 denny's franchises, john mets, completely reversed himself on a plan to add a 5% obama surcharge. businesses at denny's restaurants in florida dropped overnight, after his comments got widespread attention, according to the "huffington post." denny's corporate ceo has expressed disappointment with mr. mets and said it wasn't the company's position. what happened here is that these corporate leaders were living the republican lie. they were buying into fearmongering about the economy and the effects of the affordable care act. once president obama won a resounding re-election victory, they stuck to the republican script, but they saw they could potentially take a financial hit by making these threats
, that cuts against this narrative. on the other nd, there are a lot of things about the obama care law that are going to be fiscal problems. for example, the law treats people who are on the exchanges really differently from it treats people who get insurance through the employers. so there are aot of those things that probably should be fixed but aren't going to yield big savings in the short term. as a matter of deficit negotiations, i think boehner is not on strong footing. >> interesting. there are a lot of problems with obama care. i think obama would be the first person to acknowledge that. he didn't get a lot of things he wanted in there. but david frum, what is john boehner doing? what is he possibly trying to gain from this? >> okay, i'm going with your crazy luke a fox option. >> good. >> john baner is about to have to bring the more conservative part of his caucus, some very bad news. republicans don't have a wlost leverage. tax cuts expire whether without anybody doing anything. and republicans are going to end up yielding a lot more than they give -- than they get in the n
that president obama fund. >> if you look what happened, absolutely, the funding has been steadily and pretty aggressively cut. >> john: it's gone up from $55 billion, $80 biion. >> it has gone up in absolute terms because there is a lot more students being educated. >> john: do you live in a fanta land? >> per student on financial aid. >> john: today average student gets $12,000 in federal and state aid, up from $7,000 in 1987. >> good morning mr. vice president. >> at least vice president biden understands that subsidies raise prices. >> how do you feel about the idea goverent subsidies increasing the availability of student loans is parally responsible for rising costs? >> government subsidies have impacted the rising costs. >> john: they advertise lobster dinners and luxury pools. >> pools and spas and fancy gym and sushi for lunch. every college why do you spend so much money on this. they say we have to compete with the college down the street. >> terrific climbing tower, 42 feet with a variety of lights on it so can simulate different times of the day. >> so the administrator says i'l
perhaps sooner rather than later? >> i absolutely do believe that. i believe that, you know, obama had the stronger hand, because if nothing happens, you know, no one wants that to happen and, in fact, the clock is ticking in that direction, and everybody has an incentive to say let's cut some sort of deal. and i do believe that deal will eventually encompass both revenue increases and some sort of structural realignment of some of the entitlement programs, and i actually believe the american people put aside the right and left. the american people actually are desperate to see their government be able to work, to do something. to make it happen. to not go into another situation where we have another downgrade. that is the exactly the option of what we want coming out of this presidential election, where people i think spoke and spoke rather clearly that we're going to have a divided government, that the republicans will have the house, democrats will have the senate and the presidency, and we want you guys to make this work for us. >> i think that's right, isn't it, kristin? i also de
reason, the federal government has cut its contributions to food banks. coming up, the other proposed cut by the government, that could put even more pressure on food banks. be. >>> and new this morning, the white house released a thanksgiving day message from president obama. >> we give thanks for blessings that are all too rare in this world. the ability to spend time with the ones we love, to say what we want, to worship as we please, to nope that there are brave men and women defending our premium done around the globe, and to tell the children, here in america, no dream is too big, if they are willing to work for it. >> yesterday, the president and his family continued their thanksgiving tradition of serving others by volunteering at a washington, d.c., area food bank. >>> time is 7:05. the festivities, they have begun in san jose's fame miss turkey trot -- famous turkey trot. we are in san jose in the middle of everything and i'm looking over your shoulder, this is one of the biggest thanksgiving day races in the country. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, and the costume contest is a
cuts. i mean, that they will go along with no problem. they won't go along with a double wammy and they shouldn't. this is obama's economy. this is obama's issue. if obama wants it pass that in the house, he has it find a group of republicans that will peel off from the rest of the republicans and good along with the democrats it pass this other stuff. but otherwise, i don't see any incentive in the president's part to not extend a large portion of the tax cuts if he can. i don't think he ever wants it see the whole thing go over the cliff. >> i mean, you have to remember that he does -- as you guys have both suggested, he does want to extend a large portion of the tax cuts. that's 98% of them. it's the top 2% of house holds, that not only he, but a majority of the lek electorate and and the polls, and a nonpartisan poll keeper says in the 2013 if the top two rates expire, we are talking about a tenth of a percent on gdp. isn't that worth the cost of getting on a bitter budget path, guys? work with me here. >> jared, come on, help me here. these people you are raising taxes on
and nation changing accomplishment of barack obama's first term, if i had to pick i would say immigration may -- would be my top choice and immigration is an issue that cuts across everything we are talking about today, >> at -- lgbt, poverty, a tremendous civil-rights issue and it is my hope that that will be the last thing -- among the last things in the obama presidency. >> thank you for that. we have 25, 30 minutes for questions and answer so please speak into the microphone. >> my name is courtney. thank you. my question is about crossing the idol, looking across the aisle. we want our politicians to be doing that and i want to hear your thoughts on how we do that ourselves. this campaign -- i am young so i don't know -- especially frustrating not being able to connect with republicans and conservatives especially family members and i feel like if we want our politicians to do we have to know how to do it ourselves and the key to that is empathy and respect. i'm a pretty empathetic person but i have a hard time being empathetic towards people who are homophobic etc.. i am wondering about
it is extremely important that president obama accomplished the following. across the board, all americans in gray, democrats in blue, republicans in red. number three, for all americans, second for democrats, and four four republicans. make major cuts in federal spending came in at number 5 for all americans. those are some of the results of the poll that was taken november 9 through 12 this year by gallup. are you optimistic about america's future? a majority of americans are optimistic. we are going to begin with a frome call from paul on orlando. caller: happy thanksgiving. if the petersons are watching, happy thanksgiving to them. peter, the pie chart that you showed a second ago where the majority of americans are optimistic -- that is who we are. we are an optimistic bunch of people whether we were born and raised here or not. i think the reason 41% of us are not is because of the quality of leadership. both republicans and democrats. the president promised transparency. the republicans promised certain wisdom when it comes to the economy. unfortunately, and it has not just been this term o
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)